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Kumkum Bhagya Nov 17, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Abhi making Pragya wear the ring. Allah Waariyan… play…. Abhi cries and says that Dadi used to say that she likes Pragya more than I do, but it is proven today, she gave her sign to Pragya as she was leaving. Abhi and Pragya hug. Rhea goes upstairs. Pragya sees Rea and says that I need to talk to Rea. Abhi says thank you Dadi, you are the best. Prachi asks why are you doing this. Ranbir says this is not the right time to say, don’t you believe me? Ek din… .plays… Prachi says yes, sometimes the confession of love looks better than love, when someone says I love you, and especially the person who…. Ranbir says the day we get married, I’ll tell you why I love you. She says I’ll wait. Are you asking our marriage or my words? He takes her hand. Sarita and Sahana / Shahana arrive.

Pragya thinks Bittu was lying, I have to talk to Rhea. See Rhea at the party. She smiles and thinks that her anger is always on her nose, her anger can go with love. Rhea talks to Sanju on duty. Sarita says you took Prachi’s hand, how dare you, don’t lie, I’ve seen you. She scolds Ranbir. Shahana interrupts. Sarita says learn from Ranbir. Ranbir asks if you are scaring me or supporting me. Sarita laughs and says I scolded you, you were listening, it was fun, you could have said something, Pragya gave you a green flag and blessing, you could have said you can’t scold me, I’m fine too, forget about holding my hand and hugging now. Ranbir says I’ll hug you first, you scared me, I would have cried like children. Sarita says it was just a joke. Take a call. Sarita says that I will call Pragya and ask him to keep the marriage today.

Sarita says that I will call her and ask her where she is, where we will find her. Pragya receives the call from Sarita. She says you called me well, Prachi is with you. Sarita asks why you are worried, I am like your mother. Pragya says I had to ask Prachi what he thinks of Rhea, I was coming here, the auto rickshaw had an accident. Prachi asks are you okay? Pragya says I’m fine, Bittu was on that bike, I asked him about the Dussehra event, he said Rhea gave Sanju money to do that. Prachi says Bittu is lying, Rhea can’t plan to kill me, she has a certain level. Sarita says yes, maybe Rhea didn’t, this time … Prachi says that when my accident ended, she would have realized her mistake, she didn’t speak badly to me. Pragya says that I have arrived at Mehra’s house, I will call later. She thinks I’ll hold Rhea and wish her on. Rhea says to take the money and get out of Prachi’s sight. Sanju asks what happened to you. FB shows Rhea hitting Sanju. Sanju asks if you went crazy. She asks how dare you try to kill Prachi, I just told you to take her away, how did you decide to kill her. He says sorry, I know your dad could have died while saving Prachi, I love Prachi, I can’t see the hatred in his eyes for me. She says you won’t do anything I don’t say Says I helped you get closer to Prachi, sorry for my mistake. She says you better not come back. He argument. She says I have to go now, that the police are after me. FB ends.

Pragya arrives. Rhea says no one should know I did that. Sanju takes the money. Come to Pragya at the door. She says it means that Bittu was telling the truth. Abhi remembers the birth of her daughters. Remember Prachi’s words. Shahana says that Mehra Sir has teary eyes. Abhi says she wanted to wish face to face. Prachi and Abhi wish each other. Prachi asks why you said you didn’t want to lose me again. She says that you are like my daughter, you are my daughter, I regret not being with you when you needed me, Sanju had hurt you. She says that you have always helped me, supported me, protected me, you gave me a job. She says your mom raised you well, I’m very proud of you, Sanju can’t do anything, very soon the police will catch her, don’t worry, a daughter is daddy’s responsibility, just enjoy the party. He goes. Shahana bumps into a girl.

Find Prachi. Sarita takes a call. Aryan says you missed the event. Ranbir says he was busy with Prachi. He asks him to see Shahana. Aryan says what, you will destroy my life, let it be. He goes. Ranbir turns and collides with Prachi. He blows air on her forehead. She laughs. He asks what happened, I’m taking care of you. She asks if you will care like this after marriage. Ranbir says that I have learned to love, I will learn to take care of you too. She holds his face and hits his head again. She says the black dog will bite if we don’t hit the head twice. She says I thought … nothing, I’m very stupid. Aaliya looks over and thinks that Prachi doesn’t look good with Ranbir, Rhea should be with Ranbir.

Shahana says the emotions are real, the relationship is not real, there is a difference in just calling him dad and being a dad. Prachi says that Abhi and I do not see this difference, some relationships of the heart are special, our relationship is such.

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