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Kumkum Bhagya Nov 16, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Dadi making Pragya sit down and telling him that he will bring him something. Abhi peeks into the room. Dadi sees it in the mirror and thinks I’m sorry, Dallu, I’ll give your ring to Pragya after some time. He says that what I’m looking for is not here, it may be Pammi’s almari, I’ll bring it. She asks Abhi what he is doing here. Abhi enters. Dadi asks him to sit down with Pragya and don’t let him get bored. Abhi thinks why am I getting nervous, she is my wife. Pragya thinks why I am getting nervous, he is my husband. They remember the words of others and try to talk to each other. Abhi says I’ll tell her first and says fine … see her. He says you look good. Pragya says thank you. Abhi says if I say I feel good to see you, what will you say? Pragya says I will say the same. Abhi says we don’t talk about those things and we just fight. Pragya says that even I want to talk to you … Abhi says I know … Pragya asks what? Abhi says I look very handsome. Pragya says he wasn’t saying that. Abhi asks him if he doesn’t look handsome and he tells him that Meera was angry to see him and said that he looks handsome. Pragya gets jealous and upset, says you could be handsome if she said so. She says I don’t have time and she’s about to go. Abhi says that I don’t care about anyone’s compliments, but he wants to know their feelings.

Ranbir leads Prachi into the room. He asks her not to open her eyes and lights the diyas. Prachi opens his eyes and reads Happy Diwali Ranbir…. Ranbir asks you to read it carefully. Prachi reads Happy Diwali Pranbir. She asks who Pranbir is. Ranbir says what happens if Prachi and Ranbir mix. Prachi says Pranbir. Ranbir says we are now one and wishes you a happy Independence Day. Prachi runs away.

Pragya asks really? Abhi asks why are you fighting with me? She says I asked you to leave me and Rhea and that you took those words seriously. She says I want to say something and asks for forgiveness. She says it’s okay. She says you didn’t hear what I mean. Abhi says that although I am impulsive, I do not keep those words in my heart and forget them. She says listen to me, otherwise I can’t forgive myself. She says I want everything to be okay between Prachi and Rhea and until then they won’t know. She says you are the best father to our daughters and I am proud that you are her father. Abhi says he has a lot on this and feels light. He says he longed to hear this from his mouth. A fb is shown, Pragya said that Kiara is the reason for their separation as he cannot stay with his killer. Abhi says that he wanted to become the best father and the best version of Abhishek Mehra. He says he couldn’t become a good father to Kiara, Rhea stayed with him but she wasn’t happy with him and I scolded Prachi. Pragya says that I gave birth to them, but you gave them life. She says that whenever Prachi needed you, you were with her. Abhi says that I will become a superman for both of us. Prachi hugs him happily. Dadi smiles looking at her.

Pallavi asks Beeji if he took medication. Beeji says I’ve taken it and swears it. She says I feel bad when I’m stressed. Pallavi says that you got tensed because of Ranbir, as he said that he will marry Prachi. Beeji says he was having tension because of her as she insisted on keeping her engagement on Dussera’s day. She says I know you didn’t feel right and you tensed up scolding Prachi. Pallavi says you said well, but neither that engagement happened nor was that ring found, I kept it somewhere and forgot it. She says neither Prachi nor her mother are here, everything will be fine now. Sarita behen arrives there and goes to see Shahana. She asks where is Pragya? Shahana asks where is Prachi? Sarita behen says that Prachi and Ranbir could be together. Prachi tells Ranbir that he doesn’t wear the ring for long, as if someone saw it, then what would they say. Ranbir says that we won’t hide it for long and says that when I tell everyone, they will appreciate your choice. He kisses her hand. He closes his eyes and goes to the side. Ranbir walks over to her. Rhea gets there. Ranbir hides with Prachi. Rhea gets a call and leaves. Prachi asks Ranbir why they are hiding. Ranbir says he doesn’t want anyone to see them together and misinterpret them and promises to fix everything. He says my family doesn’t like you now, but I promise they will love you like I love you. Prachi asks why are you doing this for me. Ranbir says I love you and this love is very peaceful. Prachi asks him to tell why he loves her so much. Ranbir says I’ll tell you today.

Dadi says that when she is very happy to see them together, they must be very happy too. He turns and the vase falls. Abhi says I’m going Dadi and runs off. Pragya also goes there. Abhi asks him if he’s okay. Dadi says he has suffered a great loss. Pragya asks Abhi to take her inside to rest. Dadi tells him he’s fit and well, shows the ring to Pragya. He asks Abhi if he remembers and he tells him that this is Dallu’s ring, that he wanted to give it to Pragya, but he forgot it at my house. Pragya says that time has changed, but the ring came to me with Dadi’s love. Dadi says that you and your love are with us, what more do we need? Rhea gets there.

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