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Kumkum Bhagya Nov 15, 2020 Written Episode

The episode begins when Mommy tells Mom not to get excited if her sister doesn’t agree to give her the marriage papers, as she urgently needs them. She walks in and calls Sarla. Sarla asks him to sit down. Maami asks for the possession papers. Sarla says that she will give the hallway papers, but whenever the property division happens, even the relationship is divided, she does not like to break the relationship with her brother. She asks her brother if he doesn’t break up, then she will give him the papers. Maami takes papers and gives them to the lawyer. The lawyer asks Sarla how long it takes to vacate the wedding hall. She says 4-5 days. Maami asks to take 4-5 more days. Sarla says 4-5 days is fine. Suresh comes in and says that mamaji has the right to marry according to Hindu law since he is a son. Maami asks if he’s on her side. Suresh says he is on the side of justice. He gives you BMC tax and service documents and legal notices. He says BMC has sent a notice to build the hall without his permission and also shows loan documents worth Rs 2.5 million. He says that she has to pay it because the property belongs to him. She also delivers invoices from caterers and merchants and says she has to pay the bills. Maam is surprised. Suresh says that the merchants are demanding money now and he will have to liquidate Rs 4.5 million after taking possession of this property. Maami thinks how she is going to get so much money. Suresh then praises mamaji for taking full responsibility for paying off the loans. Bulbul and Pragya smile upon hearing Suresh’s conversation.

Maami returns the papers to Sarla and asks him to pay off the loans first and then give her the papers. She asks Sarla to come with the family on vacation and leaves there. Mamaji thanks Suresh for helping him and his sister. She says that Suresh is the man of the house and departs from there.

Sarla thanks Suresh and says that he is the man of the house. Suresh says that this house runs through her and that she is the man of the house. She says she prays to God to give her a neighbor like her. Suresh smiles and asks her to serve him tea. She says she will serve tea and pakoda. Maid comes and gives Suresh tea and praises him.

Suresh sits down next to Pragya and begins drinking tea. She asks him to have buiscuits. He says no, but then he starts having trouble saying that he is going to walk every day. Bulbul teases Pragya and Suresh with the song tum ladki ho main ladka hoon, aaya mausam .. Suresh and Praga sing aaya mausam dosti kaa. Sarla brings pakoda and asks Suresh how they are going to pay off the loans. Suresh asks you not to worry as the area corporate is your friend and will forgo taxes. Sarla is happy and is going to bring more pakoda.

Bulbul says that now that all the problems are solved, he will go to Abhi’s rock concert. You sure don’t like Abhi as he just screams on drums. Sarla asks Bulbul to take Suresh with him. Suresh says that he will go with Bulbul. Pragya then says how he will go to college tomorrow. She says she will sleep between 4 and 5 hours. Biji tells bulbul that they both look like Bharath Bushan and Niruparai. She asks who they are. Biji says they are rock stars of their time.

Pragya asks Bulbul to get ready and go with Suresh. Bulbul taunts Pragya by telling her that they are both like the heroine from the 70s and starts joking about Suresh’s loose pants etc. He also teases Pragya into putting on nice clothes tomorrow so that Suresh will wake up seeing her.

Bulbul’s friends come and ask him to get in their car, but he says he can’t go without Suresh like Sarla has told him. Suresh’s scooter won’t start and everyone starts to crash. Scooter starts and they both leave. Bulbul asks Suresh to fast travel. He says the speed limit of the road is 40km / h and he can’t go any further as he will get one more challan. She asks him if he broke any rules in life. She says she did nothing wrong in life. She says save love and begins to sign aaya mausam… They arrive at the concert hall. Bulbul meets up with his friends and they all begin to praise rock star Abhi. Suresh sees young people drinking alcohol. He asks the manager to ask people not to drink alcohol at a public event. The manager says he’s fine and leaves. Bulbul’s friends ask who this guy is. She says she is a friend of Pragya. Suresh calls Pragya and informs her that she is taking care of Bulbul and will call her later.

Sarla tells Pragya that Suresh is a good boy and is helping his family a lot. She says that she should find him a good girl for her marriage and starts talking about her friend’s daughter. Pragya says he has no education, etc. Pragya rejects all of her suggestions and says that Suresh needs a girl who can control Suresh. Sarla asks what about Pragya Arora and says that she knows Suresh loves her. Pragya blushes.

Rockstar Abhi enters the scene. The crowd starts yelling Abhi. Even Bulbul and his friends scream. Suresh starts fighting with the manager and says he is doing illegal work. He says he will file the case at his company. The manager asks security to fire him and his friends. Bulbul scolds Suresh for that and says that he is a sad man and that he cannot make anyone happy. She says she likes to fight to see Abhi since it is worth it. She says Suresh doesn’t deserve anyone’s love. Suresh cries hearing that.

Pragya sees Bulbul get into her friend’s car and asks why she came alone. Bulbul walks in angrily without saying anything. Reassure yourself in anguish. His friend asks him to go and say good night to Pragya. He says he doesn’t deserve anyone and asks her to leave him alone. Pragya reaches the window and looks for Suresh. Turn off the light without saying goodbye. Sarla thinks Suresh doesn’t like Bulbul, but Pragya likes him very much, she loves him. She thinks Pragya hasn’t married yet, perhaps because she should marry Suresh.

Rockstar Abhi gives a speech about fate and says that people say he is selfless, but he says make hell with fate. He waves his hands at the crowd and tosses the jacket at them. The crowd gets angry when they see him.

Precap: The folks at BMC are coming to seal the wedding hall. Suresh tries to stop them.

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