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Kumkum Bhagya Nov 13, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Sarita knocking on the door. Sanju calls Aaliya and says I have Prachi with me, but Sarita has seen me, she is knocking on the door, I think I have come to some warehouse. Aaliya asks him to go out the window. Sanju disconnects. Sarita goes and tells Pragya everything. Pragya asks Prachi to open the door. They come in. Ranbir remembers Pallavi’s words. Get the call from Pallavi. She asks where you are, pandit asks for you, come soon. She says I’m going. She says your dad and Dida have come. Pallavi ends the call and says that Ranbir is coming, that he will do whatever we want. Mitali hears this and says that a lot is happening here. Pragya calls Prachi. She says there is no one here. Shahana says the man did not close the door, maybe the door was stuck. Sarita says you don’t believe me. Pragya says Prachi’s number is busy, it means it’s okay. Sanju says I thought someone was bothering you for calls.

Pragya says he will call again. Sarita says believe me, she had seen it. Shahana calls Ranbir. The pundit says this arrow is light. Ranbir answers the call. The pundit asks if I make this final. Shahana asks, were you talking to Prachi? Ranbir says yes. Shahana says see, she said she was talking to Prachi. Vikram asks Ranbir to come. Aaliya says Rhea, you and Ranbir will be engaged, Prachi and Sanju will be out of your life. Rhea says Prachi deserves Sanju and I deserve Ranbir. Pragya says Pallavi is calling, maybe there is some work to do. She goes. Sarita says look at the dirty mud marks here. Shahana calls Ranbir and asks him when you spoke to Prachi, you said you spoke to her. He says no, when did I say? Sarita says, see, something is wrong. Sanju says that I left those marks for them to look for me outside, I’ll take you easy, if someone asks me what’s in the bag, I’ll say it’s some things, I did this to marry you, I have everything, not you. Take the sack on his back.

Abhi sees him and asks who you are. Sanju says Raghbir. Abhi asks what’s in the sack. Sanju says things. Abhi stops him and asks if your beard is fake, show me what’s in the bag. Try pulling the beard. Sanju’s friend punches Abhi on the arm. Abhi falls. Pragya stops and looks around. Sanju’s friend asks him to come quickly. He goes. Sanju takes the sack. He sees Pragya coming and he goes the other way. Pragya sees Raj. They see Abhi fallen and run up the stairs towards him. Pragya asks how this happened, get up. Raj says we’ll take him. They take Abhi to his room. Sarita and Shahana search for Prachi. Pragya asks Raj to call a doctor. Raj says I’ll alert the guards, someone has come with a robbery motive, stay with Abhi. He goes. Pragya asks Abhi to open his eyes. He takes her hand. She cries. Sarita gets there. Go to Pragya and Abhi. She says that Pragya is holding Mr. Mehra’s hand, what may their relationship be.

Sanju’s friend says security is tight, be careful. Sanju says yes. Prachi becomes conscious. She sees it and tries to run. He catches her. She struggles and takes his beard in hand. She sees it and says Sanju. She says that I love you very much, I want to marry you. She says that I will die before I marry you, Ranbir and I love each other, her love is for my happiness, you are forcing me, it is wrong. Remember Aaliya’s words. Prachi says I love Ranbir, you are not close to him. Sanju scolds her. He ties it with a cloth. He says if you love Ranbir then you will die, if your love is not for me then it is for no one, I will bind you inside the Raavan, Raavan will burn, you will burn, Ranbir will shoot the arrow, he will burn in the fire of regret, everyone They will burn, there is no use begging or crying. Prachi is surprised. Sanju says that you will burn and he will die. Pragya says please open your eyes…. She kisses Abhi’s hand. Abhi opens her eyes. She says I’m fine. She asks if you are hurt. He says no, I’m happy. He tells everything. She says that Sarita had seen someone have Prachi’s phone, someone had a sack. Abhi says he had arrested that man, Prachi is kidnapped. Pragya says that Prachi is not safe. She says I have to save my daughter. Sanju yells at Prachi. He says that he had thought a lot, he loved Prachi, what did I ask her in return, I asked her for love, she gave me hate, she will receive hate, today, you will leave this world for your love. Ranbir aims the arrow at the Raavan.

Prachi asks Abhi to leave. Abhi says that I lost my daughter once, I can’t lose her again. Pragya sees Abhi and Prachi in the fire. She is shocked.

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