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Kasautii Zindagii Kay September 11, 2020 Episode Written Update: Prerna Threatens Komolika

The episode begins with Prerna thinking of Samidha. FB shows Samidha running to meet her to give her the Durga maa chunri. Prerna says, promise me, you won’t risk your life. Samidha says promise, you always keep this chunri, you will not get into trouble. She hugs Prerna. FB ends. Prerna thinks I can do anything for her. Komolika asks Nivedita to review the file. Nivedita says it’s fine, but what about Anurag, if she knows? Komolika says that he will be angry to learn that we asked Prerna for 51 percent of shares, he was upset to learn about the demolition. Prerna listens to them and is surprised. Nivedita says Anurag will never want participation in the Prerna project to come to us, he will get angry, he will ruin himself but he will help Prerna. Komolika says he ruined himself and our business, we had a lot of losses, it’s time we covered these losses, stay out of this, let me handle Prerna.

Prerna goes. Komolika says that I will take care of Anurag when the time comes. She goes and gives the file to Prerna. She says she knew she would sign these papers. Prerna signs the papers. Komolika asks Nivedita to learn from her. She says you think about her great sacrifice, this can ruin her, imagine, if this magazine receives an article that says that Prerna has fallen from the sky to the ground, now I will get the award, I am 51 percent of the stakeholders, I have converted the game. Prerna says it’s the best deal for me, there is love and peace, I don’t think you understand. Komolika says I’ll send him a copy. Prerna says it’s not that easy, give me the orphanage papers and you can get them. Komolika says you are smart, otherwise how would you become a Bajaj from Basu? She asks Nivedita to get the papers from the orphanage. She asks Mohini to offer Prerna tea. Prerna says black coffee. Mohini goes.

Komolika says that when I saw you in my husband’s arms, I decided to demolish the ashram, I tried to explain, you fought with me. They start arguing. Prerna says that if you and Anurag try to harm the children, then they won’t know what I’ll do, they’ll regret asking for the stake. Komolika says you look cute when you say this, look at me, I am Anurag’s wife, stay away from him from now on, it will be better for you. Prerna says I hate Anurag, you stay with him, congratulations, if I get stuck in such a situation then this is not going to happen. Mohini brings the coffee. Prerna asks, did you not receive the cookies? Mohini says it’s over. Nivedita gives papers to the orphanage. Prerna delivers the deal file. She reviews the orphanage papers. Komolika smiles.

Anurag is on his way. The manager calls him and reminds him of the meeting. Anurag says I think we should invest in textiles, go on, Nivedita is coming, the meeting will start. Find a place to park your car. Mr. Bajaj gets there. Anurag yells just look at him. Mr. Bajaj gets out of the car. They start arguing over the parking space. Mr. Bajaj says I feel there is another reason for anger. Anurag says you know I’m angry, you’re pretending nothing happened. Mr. Bajaj says that I have the courage to accept the truth, do you have the courage to accept that you are hiding your reality, that you can sink so low and that you received help from someone you used to hate for 8 years? It is easy to love someone. , but difficult to respect who you love. Anurag says that’s why I like gold, look, my car is well parked, it was always my place, I do not show my right in my things, who would I show, I know my place, I do not watch the things of others, if someone has it mine, then I won’t leave it, I’ll take away what’s mine, it’s not yours, it will always be mine. Mr. Bajaj says I got it, what about gold, explain it to me some day. Anurag goes.

Prerna remembers the words of Komolika and Nivedita, the words of Anurag. She thinks why did she save me if she didn’t want my signal, what was the reason, could she have let me die, why did she try to kill me, I have to find out the secret. The manager greets Mr. Bajaj and asks him to check the gauges. Mr. Bajaj remembers Anurag’s words. Think what I was trying to say, why I don’t understand. He thinks I was talking about gold, he meant that I took Prerna from him, he wants Prerna back, his dream will not come true, I will never be able to return Prerna, she is safe only with me. Anurag watches the presentation. It says that black means darkness and red means love. Think of Prerna.

Chandrika arrives at the ashram. She is surprised to see Prerna and Samidha. She believes that fate can do anything, but blood recognizes blood. She asks Samidha to leave, she needs to talk to Prerna.

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