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Kasautii Zindagii Kay September 10, 2020 Episode Written Update: Komolika Tries To Woo Anurag

The episode begins with Prerna asking Kuki not to worry and sleep, it was just a bad dream. Kuki goes. It’s morning, Mr. Bajaj is coming to Prerna. Say guess what do I have? He shows his photo on the cover of the magazine. She says it is a great honor, it is written that she has given a new face to real estate in Kolkata, she has destroyed the Anurag and Basu industries, it is all her hard work, take a look, she is the first woman to be considered for the real estate award. Prerna says that I will go to the basu house to insult Anurag. She goes. Kuki comes over and greets him. Ask for Prerna. She says she went to meet Anurag. Says Anurag’s house, she called out Anurag’s name at night, maybe she saw a nightmare. He goes.

Komolika thinks Anurag kissed Prerna, it is my fault, I am not being his wife, but only his boss, he lacks love in his life, I will be with him. Anurag asks what happened. Komolika asks, don’t you see what I want to show you? She hugs him. She says enough, you think that what happened is your fault, I know you well, I will do the same again. She says that I am your wife, only that I have the right to your body, breath and kiss. He says let me tell me, I was never interested in you, I never will be. She asks why, your taste is still middle class, that girl married Mr. Bajaj but she is looking at you, so she has haunted you, you know what those women are called, women without character.

He says enough, not another word, Prerna is Mr. Bajaj’s wife, she’s not anyone’s wife to me, she’s my Prerna, don’t say a word against him. She asks why, did you feel bad, you see the old Prerna in her, she is married, you want to have an open relationship, they will both kiss and touch, I will not let her come between us, she can ‘To snatch you, you only care about her, not for me. He says that I don’t care about you, that you came into my life when Prerna was in my life, she was my love, don’t try to be like her. He’s leaving.

Prerna is on her way. Think of Anurag. It says that I came here after 8 years, I will make them fall on my feet and apologize, I will laugh at Anurag and Komolika, I swear, they will suffer, they think I am an emotional fool, but they do not know that every painful tear makes me strong. Anurag thinks why did I fall so weak, why did I dream of getting her, I have to control her, otherwise Komolika may create a problem for her. Anurag sits down to tie the shoelace. Prerna is coming home. He feels her by his side. She goes upstairs. He doesn’t see her. It says why I feel like she’s here.

Prerna meets Basus. Nivedita gets the call from Anurag and says I’m coming, you start the meeting. Prerna says if Anurag is not here then you are here, look at this, this is Prerna Bajaj. Komolika smiles. Prerna says it’s written that I destroyed Anurag in business, you think Bajaj city is built overnight, you think I’m a fool for giving you 51% stake. Komolika thinks I would have kept Sneha in my hands, Samidha doesn’t care. She says it’s okay, now you will be responsible for the children.

Mohini says that Komolika is right. Komolika says I always get what I want, one day I’ll get the bet, it will be fun to watch the orphanage collapse. Prerna says that I did not say that I will not give you the papers, I came to show you my achievements, Samidha’s happiness is difficult for me, this 51% participation will not matter to me in front of the children, tell me, where to sign the papers. Komolika asks what you said. She goes and says that Samidha is special to Prerna, I can’t believe it, Prerna is donating the business for Samidha, anyway, her loss is my profit. Nivedita comes and asks if you’re really going to blackmail her, if Anurag knows…. Komolika asks if I asked for advice, go and find the file. Prerna taunts Mohini. Mohini says it doesn’t work if a wife cooks for her husband. Prerna sees the photo of Anurag, Komolika and Diya. She believes that no one can think on your dark side.

Samidha runs towards Prerna. Anurag says you think you can take my place. Mr. Bajaj says why he thinks he can take my place by force. Anurag says that thing will always be mine.

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