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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 9, 2020 Episode Written Update: Anurag Craves Prerna

The episode begins with Samidha taking care of Prerna. Take the shawl and wrap it tightly. She asks Prerna to recover soon. She says to think of me as her daughter, to be nice for me. She sees that Prerna feels cold and rubs her hands. Prerna smiles. Priyanka looks and thinks their relationship is unique. She says I’m glad to see you well. She asks Samidha to come. Prerna asks if you can stay a while. Priyanka says yes, but she has to study for the exams and also teach the children. Samidha says I have to go. Prerna says go, I promise I’ll go meet you. Samidha goes. Prerna believes that Komolika knows that this girl is close to my heart.

Anurag becomes sad. She says I can’t see Prerna’s pain and anger. He remembers her words. He says show me the right way, I feel like I’m getting selfish, I want to be around him. Purey chand ki yeh adhi raat… .plays…. Prerna thinks about him and says that he saved me to sign the deal, but I felt closer to him, I don’t have the courage to hate him, there was something between us. He says his hatred was just anger, she wants to know how I cheated on her, I want to tell her everything, I want my Prerna, I want to see her love in her eyes. She remembers.

She says I want my love, my Prerna. She thinks she will hurt me again. Komolika comes to talk to him. She says I don’t want to talk. He goes. She thinks she’s ignoring me again, this started since she met Prerna. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to sit down, why is the room so cold? Yell to call the servant. She says I’m fine. She says I came to know everything. Yell at the servant and send her away. She says he is angry that he missed the flight and was unable to attend the function. He says no, that few things I like. She smiles. She says I think you need to rest. Says sorry. She asks why, you didn’t scold me. She says very smart, I get the point, you want me to do what I don’t like, but I will, you are making me a better person, I will go and apologize to John. He goes.

Anurag remembers Prerna and cries. He says he was prepared for this pain, but now I can’t do this, I can’t tolerate it. The baby. She says I made a big mistake, she kept smiling, I had to make her hate me to save her life, I wanted her to change, I can’t ask her to come back into my life, please forgive me, her. Anger increases every day, when I was with her, I used to have peace, I cannot bear this pain. Komolika thinks she hasn’t even touched me since the last eight years, she had the chance and kissed Prerna, as if they had died without the kiss, once Prerna is ruined, everyone will see, she will have to lose her business, would she do this to save the orphanage? What if you don’t agree? I would have kept Sneha and used her, Sneha shouldn’t have died in the fire, Prerna would have obeyed me.

Kuki thinks about Kaushik’s words. She says I don’t know what to say to her. Kaushik calls her and thanks her for taking my call, sorry, I called to ask for Prerna. She says Prerna is fine. She says I just had to ask this. End the call. Shivani thinks of Anurag and Prerna. Veena asks what you are thinking. Shivani says that Anurag was madly worried about Prerna. Veena says you won’t talk about him in front of Prerna. Shivani says listen to me once. Veena says that Mr. Bajaj is her husband and everything, remember this. Prerna thinks of Anurag. She screams Anurag and wakes up. Kuki comes and asks what happened, you’re okay, why did you yell. Prerna says nothing. She thinks why did Anurag come in my dream, why do I feel like I need to save him, from whom?

Anurag says that Prerna is the same Prerna to me. Prerna hears Komolika and Nivedita talking. Komolika says she will never know.

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