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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 8, 2020 Episode Written Update: Prerna Misunderstands Anurag

The episode begins with Komolika saying relax, I’m cutting an apple, Anurag told me that I couldn’t kiss you. Prerna says that you are false and he is a liar, maybe he saved me to get revenge, as I had saved him, he will not be happy again. Komolika asks for an apple. Prerna says you have it. Komolika says that we saved you so that you give us 50 percent of the shares of the city of Bajaj to Basus, think of the children who will lose their house, we will demolish the orphanage. Threat to Prerna. She says she thinks about Samidha, I promise you that we will not touch the orphanage if you give us the shares, you will do a great work in saving the house of many children, it is the house of Samidha, she loves you like her mother, you love her too Let’s see, if you care about money or Sneha’s memories, the government will throw the children to another city, you can lose your daughter again, call me if you want help, I’m there, take care, think carefully. Prerna believes that Anurag kept this deal in front of me, I hate it.

Samidha asks for Prerna. Anurag pacifies her. She says Prerna is fine. Samidha says that I love her and she loves me too. He says don’t worry, she’s fine, you won’t face any problems, I’ll be in front of you, relax, give this shawl to Prerna, it will keep her warm. She says I care about you too. He says I’m perfectly fine, you should be with Prerna, go and give it to her. Samidha goes. Remember Prerna’s words. He thinks that if I signed the papers with other papers, how did Rohitash pass the order, maybe by mistake. Komolika comes to Samidha. She says you’re an angel, why are you sad? Samidha says that the doctor came to see Prerna, I am worried that she is not well. Komolika says she’s fine now. Samidha thanks you. Komolika thinks that you cannot think that you have helped me, you are my trump card, if Prerna gets caught, then her business is finished, she will regret and cry. She says you can go with her and give her my wishes too. Samidha goes.

Prerna thinks of Anurag. She remembers the words of Mr. Bajaj. FB shows that I know you loved Anurag. Prerna says she tried to kill me. She says sorry, I’m trying to explain that Anurag will not think before playing dirty games with you, she will try to damage what you love to annoy you, to win the business. She says I was weak 8 years ago, now you have made me strong, I know Anurag well. She says that you will face her alone. She says you’re with me He says it’s okay. FB ends. She thinks that Anurag has hurt my weakness, Mr. Bajaj was right, how did I not see it? Anurag wants to take everything from me, he made me realize I couldn’t save Sneha, he sent me to Komolika, I have fallen a lot. Komolika smiles and thinks that Prerna will lose her project in the city of Bajaj, she will be the girl from the poor class, once she gives us 50% of the shares, I also have to talk to my husband, he goes after Prerna, I have to teach him a lesson.

Komolika stops Anurag and says that you cannot ignore me, you had a chance and you went to Prerna, you looked at yourself, we are not married, you forgot the wedding vows and you approached Prerna, tell me, don’t make him say it’s a lie, I have listened to the doctor , you were giving Prerna body heat, you were so close to her, you speak great things in front of society, you ruined a pure marriage relationship by seeing a girl. Scream enough, you’ve got dirt on your mind. She really asks, my thinking is dirty, I went and kissed another man, right, or you kissed Prerna. The guests leave. They say goodbye. Komolika asks Anurag to answer. He says yes, I kissed her, I will do it again if she is caught in such a situation. He scolds her.

She says we’ll go home and talk. It says that if you believe in karma, you will soon pay for your wrongdoing. She says I am your wife. She says she gave the order to demolish the orphanage, it’s in my land. She asks who said it, it’s a lie, why would he do it. Says of course. She says that Prerna told you, right, she’s jealous of me, I’ve changed, I didn’t do anything wrong, I was upset today, I was jealous to see you both, you said wrong to me. He holds her face and says I’ve known you for 8 years, tell this story to someone else, shut up. She says trust me. Says the orphanage was being demolished, Prerna stopped her. She says so what, the municipal commissioner will know. She says I talked to Rohitash, she told me that you lied to me and asked her to demolish the orphanage, how can you do it, you always surprise me, how. She says you are thinking wrong. Says right, show me wrong. He asks her to come. She leaves in her car.

Anurag says that Prerna is my Prerna, the same Prerna as she was 8 years ago. Prerna hears Komolika and Nivedita talking.

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