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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 17, 2020 Episode Written Update: Chandrika Reports Komolika

The episode begins with Mr. Bajaj scolding the servant. He asks Kuki what’s going on. Prerna asks her not to vent her anger on Kuki. Says I’ve seen her with a boy. He scolds her. Prerna asks you to tell what the problem is. Kuki says dad, I … He says that she stutters, that she’s guilty, that she did something wrong, that she’s lying, it’s my mistake, it’s like her mom, like she’s stabbing me in the back and marrying someone, you you’re stabbing me in the back too. Prerna says I know you have old wounds on your heart, you should blame Kuki. She says I know everything well. Prerna asks Kuki to drink water and just say it. Ask who that guy was, tell me. Kaushik says we have to find that file that shows Kuki is innocent. Find file. He thinks I’m the reason for your sadness, I’ll fix it. Kuki thinks I can’t bother dad, I love dad so much. She says my car broke down, that guy came to help me, we went to the tea stall until the mechanic came, he wasn’t wandering with you, he held my hand like a friend, there is nothing. The driver comes in and says Kuki’s car broke down, I called the auto dealership and said it broke down twice this week. Mr. Bajaj says to call the landline and ask for another car if the car breaks down again. He goes. Prerna hugs Kuki.

Komolika says that I don’t know what Anurag is doing in the room. Anurag thinks Komolika needs to answer me. Chandrika calls Komolika. Komolika hears her name and remembers. She says I’m not interested in any secrets and past, I’m not that good, I don’t care. Chandrika asks him to listen. She says what happened to Komolika, she was so good, now she’s talking so weird. Anurag drops the papers. Try to catch it. Go out and go to Komolika. He shouts. Chandrika calls her back. He says answer the call later, talk to me, I know everything, I’ve seen it, tell the truth, give me the phone, I’ll talk. She will take the call. She asks you to listen. She closes the door. She also receives a call. She says I told you not to talk about the past. She scolds Chandrika.

Chandrika says that Prerna came here today, when there was a fire, Sneha was saved, she’s alive. Komolika is surprised. The guards come to check the office. Kaushik smiles upon receiving the papers. He says everything will be fine now. Kaushik sees the guards and hides. Guard alerts another man. Monu cares. Komolika says you lie about the money. Chandrika says that Prerna came by today, so I thought I’d call you. Komolika scolds her. Chandrika asks him to check the phone. She says the staff clicked on this photo at the ashram. Komolika asks, do you work there? Chandrika says yes, she got the land titles, she bought the land, she’s helping us, you’ve given me a lot of money, I lit the fire for your sake, I got burned too. Komolika says I paid you to keep the baby away. Chandrika says I called you today to tell you that Sneha is alive. Komolika asks how I think. Chandrika says the DNA test can prove it, I’ll have you meet Sneha, you can come.

Komolika says okay, I’ll come. Chandrika says I will get money one more time. Kuki thinks of Kaushik. She says I told Prerna that he is just my friend. She cries. Anurag searches for Komolika. Scream on the call. Nivedita comes to ask about Komolika. He gets angry. Ask for the papers. He says, come on, I’ll find out any minute, tell me the truth, why did Prerna sign the papers? She says I don’t know. He says that I never wanted to take away Prerna’s dream project, she has given us 51% participation, how, it’s not possible, Prerna is obliged. She says I really don’t know anything, she signed the papers when she snatched our project. She says she doesn’t answer me, I want to know why she signed. She asks why you are worried about her. She says that she is a big part of my life. She warns him. He says that Prerna is behind my success and my failure, I did everything for you, she is everything to me, she will be there in my life.

Chandrika says that she is Prerna’s daughter. Komolika goes and sees Samidha. She is shocked.

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