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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 15, 2020 Written Episode Update: Anurag Spies to Get Papers

The episode begins with Samidha asking Prerna to come for ice cream. Prerna goes. Chandrika thinks of Prerna. Priyanka asks why you lied to Prerna. Chandrika says she couldn’t think of anything, when she started questioning me, I just said what came to mind. Kuki’s car breaks down. Kaushik sees her and comes to help. She asks you to buy a new car. Says we got a free mechanic. It says very funny, I’ll see, you start the car. She says it’s not starting. She says I’ll call a mechanic. Samidha is going to buy ice cream. The man asks what flavor. Samidha and Prerna say Chocolate. The man asks if she got her mother, sorry, I found them both alike. Samidha asks if I am beautiful like her. Prerna says that you are more beautiful.

Kaushik calls the mechanic. She says she will need 45 minutes to come. Kuki asks why, what will I do. Kaushik suggests places. She says I don’t want to go anywhere. She says I’m going to have tea, wait for the mechanic. She sits on the bike. Prerna and Samidha fight for the ice cream. Priyanka thinks about why Chandrika isn’t telling the truth, what she wants to hide. Prerna and Samidha laugh. Samidha eats the ice cream. Prerna asks if Samidha looks like me, no, she was just saying something.

Komolika arrives in Nivedita. Nivedita says you scared me. Komolika says you should be afraid of the lioness in the jungle, get the papers. Nivedita says I’ve kept him safe here, Anurag may know. Komolika says she can give it to him or Prerna. Anurag makes the call to find out. He says that Nivedita lied to me for Komolika’s sake. He says that at least now they shouldn’t trust Komolika. Komolika and Nivedita argue. Nivedita receives the papers. Komolika says you should thank me, I have let you stay at my house and I have given you a place in the company. Nivedita thanks. Komolika says I didn’t listen. Nivedita says thank you Komolika. Komolika says don’t mention it. She goes. Anurag says that I have to look for the papers and check it, what is hidden from me.

Kuki asks where the tea house is. Show the tea stand. She says no problems, I thought it is a tea house like the one we visited. Kaushik asks for tea. She says that I usually have tea here, it’s amazing, you will also realize that you are spending money on a fancy tea house. They bring the tea. She says you’re a miser. He says no, I stay in the limits, Anurag pays me 25000 for my work, he said that he will raise my salary, I started with 5000rs, I used to administer bicycle gasoline and everything in it, I am not as rich as Anurag , I’m training myself, this bike is mine, I learned to stay grounded, otherwise I won’t get anything, you like to hang out with people of your status so that’s okay. She says I like those who have a good heart, you have a good heart, do you want to be my friend? They smile. Mr. Bajaj’s car stops there. He sees them. Call Kuki. Kaushik shakes his hand. Says a mechanic may have arrived. He’s going to pay the man. Kaushik and Kuki leave. Mr. Bajaj is looking for them.

Prerna arrives at Veena. She says I don’t know what Mr. Bajaj will do when he finds out, I gave Basus a commercial stake, he wanted to save the ashram, he doesn’t know anything about it, I did this for Samidha, I forget everything when I see Samidha’s smile. Veena says she’s a lovely girl, but if Mr. Bajaj will have a problem with this, nothing should be hidden between husband and wife. Komolika receives a gift for Kaushik. He likes the watch and thanks him. She asks him to put it on. She says wait, why do I have the smell of feminine perfume from your clothes? You are in love? He says yes, I like it. She says you’re blushing, it means you love her right? Says good. She says come on tell me her name Kuki says. She asks who Kuki is.

Says Kuki Bajaj, I didn’t tell her. She says what’s to hide, you should propose to Kuki now. She says I know what to do, it’s a surprise. Anurag thinks Komolika was hiding the file, I’ll check the room somehow. Nivedita asks Moloy to take the medications on time. Moloy and Mohini argue. Anurag thinks what to do to find the papers, I will find it, I need some time, I have an idea, everyone will be in the room for a long time. He comes to Moloy and says he was happy to see everyone, we should have a family dinner. Mohini says of course. Anurag thinks it is correct, Nivedita is hiding something.

Anurag checks the papers. Says Prerna signed the papers for some reason. Chandrika calls Komolika and says that Prerna’s blood is alive. Komolika asks what. Chandrika says that Sneha was saved from the fire.

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