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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 14, 2020 Episode Written Update: Anurag Suspects Nivedita and Komolika

The episode begins with Priyanka saying that now the orphanage will not be demolished, Prerna did this, isn’t that great? Chandrika believes that blood recognizes blood, they look so happy together, they don’t know their real relationship. Priyanka introduces Chandrika. Samidha goes with the children. Chandrika thinks that Prerna is happy to see Samidha happy. Samidha asks how you liked the ice cream. Prerna says I really like it. Samidha says yes, we have many, come. Chandrika says I need to talk to you. She remembers Anurag’s words. Prerna asks what the problem is.

Nivedita bumps into Kaushik and asks if you’re okay, tell me, I’m your Maasi. She says I’m fine. Remember your mistake. She says I made a mistake, I can’t tell her, I feel guilty. She thinks I did very wrong with Prerna. She says apologize, that’s all, if you rectify your mistake, you can do better, ask for forgiveness if the person matters to you, they will probably forgive you, live like there is no tomorrow, fix this. He smiles and says that you are the best Maasi in the world, thank you. She says go and ask for forgiveness. She goes. He thinks yes, I will fix everything, I have to meet Kuki and tell her that I did this by mistake, she is sensible, she will be angry but forgive me. Komolika is on duty. Nivedita receives the champagne. Komolika says that now you look happy.

Nivedita says this is because of our dream and a 51 percent stake in the Bajaj project, what is the next plan, what about Prerna. Komolika says that I will take her to some way to beg, no one can save her, Mr. Bajaj and Anurag cannot save her. Anurag comes calling for Nivedita. Nivedita and Komolika hide the files. He comes in. He says you’re here … Nivedita says yes. He asks what are you hiding behind. Komolika says nothing. Ask again. She says they are actually my project documents, a certain Komolika, she called me to review those documents, the Mittal company is ready to invest, I have a meeting, I’ll see you. Ask if I can check this file once. She asks why. It says like this, I want to check the flags, you were hiding the file. Nivedita says she wasn’t hiding it, she wanted to surprise you, you got us. He asks if I can.

She thinks he will know everything. Komolika thinks she will understand that I blackmailed Prerna and she will be angry. Nivedita says yes. She gives him the file. Kaushik comes to meet Kuki. It says nice house, I’ve come to meet you. She says you could have called. She says she was going to the office and that I just arrived, I’ll go if you don’t like it. She says I didn’t mean it. She takes his hand and stops him. Haan tum ho… play…. Remember their moments.

Komolika says that Prerna came here. Anurag stops checking the file. Komolika says Prerna got a magazine, she was yelling here, why is she coming to your topic? My head hurts, he got mad today, he said he would ruin us. Nivedita receives a call. She says yes, the meeting begins. She takes the file from him and leaves. Anurag says Prerna did a lot for people, she never showed herself, why do you think she can do this? Komolika says that she came to insult you.

She says don’t repeat it. She says there is no use explaining to you. She goes. Kuki receives a call. Kaushik thinks about being brave. Kuki says I hate liars, I don’t want to talk. Anushka’s call ends. Kaushik says you hate liars. He thinks that she is not talking to Ahana, if I tell her everything, she will never talk to me. She says I hate liars. He thinks it’s good that I came to know this. Get the call from Anushka. She says I’ll drop you off at the office, I have to go to Anushka, what did you mean? Say nothing, I’ll go. She thinks he got nervous and left. Anurag sees the glasses of champagne. He thinks that Nivedita and Komolika got nervous when I came in, they were hiding something, what was in the file, they were celebrating. Prerna asks the question.

Chandrika thanks Prerna for the help. Prerna says that I had promised Samidha that I would save this ashram, I did, I did not want her to get away from me, I feel that she is part of me. He sees the burn mark on Chandrika’s neck. Chandrika says it’s a burn mark, they set me on fire. Priyanka says 8 years ago. Prerna asks if it was a fire incident at the ashram, tell me, I lost everything in that fire incident. Priyanka asks Chandrika to tell her about the ashram. Prerna says my hopes were burned in that fire, how did you burn yourself? Tell me. Chandrika says that the fire reached an ashram. Lie about the name. She says I don’t remember it well, I got hurt and was in the hospital for two months. Prerna asks him why he was hesitant to say it. Chandrika says that these brands do not let me forget that fire, I want to forget about I want to forget about everything. She cries and says forgive me. She goes. Priyanka says sorry, Chandrika gets excited sometimes, I’ll just go. Prerna thinks I don’t believe her story, why?

Nivedita says I have hidden the papers. Komolika says you could give Prerna the papers instead of money. Mr. Bajaj sees Kuki and Kaushik. Komolika asks what your name is, tell me. Kaushik says Kuki Bajaj.

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