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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 12, 2020 Episode Written Update: Chandrika Sees Prerna

The episode begins with Anurag saying that he is a good choice. Your wallet falls off. He picks it up and sees Prerna’s photo. Remember the words of Mr. Bajaj. You think I know you and this worries you. Chandrika comes to the ashram with some things. People see the burn marks on his hand. Prerna comes to meet Priyanka. The man says you are Prerna, you stood in front of the bulldozer to save the ashram, thank you, Priyanka is not here, but her older sister is here. Prerna says it’s okay, I’ll give her the orphanage papers. The man asks Chandrika to come, someone came to meet Priyanka. Chandrika says that Priyanka knows her. The man says this lady saved our ashram, I know you don’t want to meet strangers, but she got the orphanage papers, Prerna saved them. Chandrika asks the name again. She remembers Anurag’s words. FB shows Komolika saying that this girl’s mother is greedy and smart, she is Prerna. She shows the picture of Prerna and says that she is a bad woman, this baby has bad luck. Chandrika thinks it is Prerna himself.

Anurag drives off in his car. He worries and says why the brakes are not working. He tries harder. The car stops. Moloy arrives and asks him to get out of the car. Anurag asks what happened, the brakes weren’t working, I pressed hard and then the car stopped. Moloy asks you if it’s okay. Anurag says yes, you are here. Moloy asks why, can I come here. Anurag says last time Prerna saved me when the car brakes failed, I told her not to come, but she risked her life, I realized that I don’t want to die, I don’t want nothing to happen to me until Diwali. Moloy says we will celebrate 100 diwali together, you will live a long time. Anurag says that I am not afraid of death, I feel that I should rectify my mistakes. Moloy says that I know my son well, that he can’t do anything wrong, if you’re sorry, correct him. Anurag says yes, come. Joke Moloy goes. Anurag is also leaving.

He thinks I don’t want to die until I tell Prerna everything, he’s already tolerated a lot. He calls Mr. Bajaj and says I have a special plan for Diwali, Ram returned to Ayodhya, I think Sita returned to her Sasural, it is children’s day this year. Mr. Bajaj says he was thinking straight, it will become a big problem for me, what is he up to? Prerna holds a girl. The lady yells Sneha and comes to take her. Sneha says we’ve come to take my sister, thank you. Prerna gets sad and says Sneha. Samidha arrives. Prerna hugs her and cries. Priyanka is coming. Prerna gives papers to the orphanage. She says that no one can take this land now. Samidha says that you have kept your promise. Prerna says that now we will never get away from each other. Chandrika comes in and is shocked. She thinks it is Prerna herself. FB shows Priyanka and Chandrika arriving at the police station and showing papers to the inspector. They say it’s our girl. The inspector says, but he asked me to find his mother, he received this chunri, everyone has that devimaa chunri. Chandrika says I promise I will find your mom, bring you and her together. Samidha hugs her. Komolika shows the participation papers. Mohini asks him to eat sweets. Komolika asks why Nivedita is upset. Mohini says nothing. Komolika comes to take a call.

Mohini asks, can’t you smile in front of her? Nivedita says no, I’m not happy, you know how we got this bet. Mohini says that you are worried about the orphans, don’t worry, Prerna will take care of them, the children are lucky, I admit that Komolika is bad, Prerna is good, she will take care of the children, but we are receiving our money and respect for Komolika, so remember you and Anurag were upset after losing the Basu city project, you will go back to the league just because of Komolika. Nivedita says I’m very sorry, I’m angry, Komolika did a lot for us. Komolika arrives. Nivedita says we were deciding to celebrate a great achievement. Komolika says very well, Mohini explained. Nivedita says that you are fulfilling the project of the city of Basu, thank you. Komolika says welcome, I think Prerna is very emotional and signed papers. She thinks she wishes her daughter were alive, she’s so stupid. She takes the file and leaves. Nivedita says Komolika is worth it, I think I should do something to make it feel good, but maybe you don’t like it. Chandrika believes that Samidha got her mother’s love, Prerna knows nothing about her.

Chandrika says she was trapped in a fire, she changed for many years. Prerna asks what fire, tell me about the ashram. Chandrika says yes. Prerna hugs Samidha.

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