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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Sep 27 2020 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Pushpa gets Durga and Aarav arrested. He says they threatened me and broke our things. Don’t take them out. Guddan comes and pleads. She says please leave them. Aarav says there is no need for me to beg them. Agastya is with her. It says that I know you are worried, but that you can solve it only with a calm mind. He tells the inspector that this is a senti family, not criminals. They take care of each other. The inspector says he is right. They deserve a chance. Pushpa says what are you saying. Guddan says this will not happen again. Pushpa is angry. She says that you are becoming a hindrance, that’s all. Guddan says thank you very much. This will not happen again. They left.

Pushpa takes Guddan’s hand and says that you are ruining everything. I have a solution for everything. Agastya says that you are an old man, but that you cannot misbehave with my boss. We have to go. Better not start now with your thinking horses. Agastya takes Guddan from there.

Guddan says Agastya, you should go now. He says give me a glass of water. Guddan says DJ, this is our manager. DJ says we’re coming home? Choti says he came to get water. Agastya sits down on the couch and says to offer me tea at least. DJ says it’s weird. Employees look good at work. Give him tea and ask him to leave. Agastya comes and sings chup chup kharay ho. Agastya says there is no sugar.

Choti says get out of here. We have work. It says you are like a magnet. I keep running towards you. Guddan says get out of here. He says he was saying … Guddan says don’t say anything. Choti falls. He hugs her. She pulls on her dupatta. Choti gives him a shove and slaps him. Guddan says don’t cross boundaries with me. Other girls might like your drama and I don’t. Go from here. Mild agastya. DJ says what did you do? DJ says what did you do? He was saving you. Your dupatta was on fire. I know I asked you to be careful, but he was saving you. Go stop him.

Guddan runs after Agastya. She says if he quits now. Agastya starts her bike. Guddan stands in front of him. Choti says he was scared. Sorry. You were so close all of a sudden. He says it hurts. Says I never cross my line. Would you insult me ​​in front of everyone? His hand is burned. Guddan says let me put a bandage on him. Sorry. She cries. Agastya says I’m fine. Please do not cry. How can you survive like this? Be strong. Choti says I don’t want to be. Choti says go now and come to me. Choti says be there before me. Guddan says it’s late. He shows her a piece of paper and says I found this in the kitchen. Guddan says I’ll manage. Guddan says I have to save this restaurant. He’s leaving.

Precap-Choti tells Agastya that we have developed such a strong connection in a short time. Pushpa gets there.

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