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Fall in love again (Part 28)

Aliya’s phone rang and Bul looked at her surprisingly
Bul took Aliya’s hand.
Bul- Aliya you said you forgot your phone at home … So how did it ring in your bag now?
Aliya – I didn’t find it then.

Aliya just pretended she forgot her phone at home … So that Bul can call him (This Aliya is really a good person, I must say) Aliaya thought: it’s good if I go, Bulbul will ask me more questions

Aliya- Excuse me .. !! I have an important call … see you at home Bhabhi !!
Saying that, he left the room without looking at Bul. Dai also went with Aliya.
Purab was waiting for Bul to come.
Bul- Purab only 2 min .. I want to talk to Di ..
Purab left the room. Only Pragya and Bul were in the room.
Bul- Are you okay now di !!?
Pragya- Yes. I feel better now.
Bul- ohhhooo now !!  Ok … I know why !!
Pragya- Why !!!? What are you saying !!!
Bul- I saw what Jiju did before he left.
Pragya- Ohh. He’s only worried about me, so he asked Dadi to take care of me.
Bul-Arey my bholi (innocent) Di. Not the worry but the kiss  I saw that jiju gave you a flying kiss, na !!
Pragya blushed and then they both laughed.

Bul- Jiju is so worried about you and he cares about you, when he doesn’t even know that you are his miss. Ray … Can you imagine how he will react when he finds out about this ?!
Pragya- Yes.
Bul- So today you will have two great good news from your life. One is the contract and the other is your Miss Ray .. You
Pragya- Not today. But soon
Bul- But why not today …
Pragya: Even I can’t believe what happened in just a few hours and I still think it’s a dream. So first let me believe in myself and then I’ll confess it to you.
Bul-  as you wish. Ok, I should go now, Purab must be outside. And jiju also comes.
Bul kissed her forehead and left. Then only Abhi came in.
Bul- Jiju take care of my Di ..
Pragya and Abhi smiled at each other.

In parking area

Purab- Bulbul, I’ll leave you. Come..!
Bul sat quietly in the car and Purab dropped him off at his house. They didn’t share a single word.
Purab to himself: Kya yaar Purab, you can’t even start the conversation with her … How are you going to talk to her …?!
At the hospital
Abhi was very happy and on the seventh cloud. Excited, he kissed Pragya. Pragya smiled and Abhi, realizing what he was doing now, sat silently near his bed.
Pragya- How was your deal !?
Abhi … It was amazing. I was on time and had no problem. Thanks to you Pragya. My jinny
Pragya to herself- More magic is waiting for you, Mr. Sun.
Pragya to Abhi – Your life is going to change very soon.
Abhi, yeah …
Pragya was released from the hospital and taken home.
At home
Pragya couldn’t move his hand properly because he was injured. Abhi took care of each of his things. In two days she was absolutely fine. Her wounds recovered.
Dadi-Beta, since you were injured, we couldn’t plan your reception. Now I think we should organize a party for the success of Abhi and your “Muh dikhayi”.
Pragya- As you wish Dadi. !!
Dadi announced at the house that they would be holding a small party for Abhi’s contract and also as a reception.
Everyone was busy getting ready.
In the evening, all the members of the family had dinner. Abhi went to the room and was rehearsing for her recording.
Pragya also finished her work and entered the room. She approached Abhi and put her hand on Abhi’s shoulder.
Pragya- Suniye !! What are you doing!!?
Abhi was a bit surprised by his changed demeanor, as she used to stay away from him. Abhi shifted slightly to make room on the bed for Pragya to sit. He sat very close to Abhi and gave her a smile. Abhi in response gave a strange and confused smile and moved further. She kept moving closer to him … And he kept moving to the other side of the bed. When there was no room left, she stood up.
Abhi: I was rehearsing for my project.
Pragya- (In a slightly flirtatious way) I also want to listen. Please sing for me..na !!

Abhi quickly went to the locker room saying- I’ll sing for you some other day. Now I am very tired and sleepy.
Pragya laughed while enjoying their expressions.
Abhi in the locker room
To himself-  what happened to her. After an accident, she is not quite normal … She is behaving strangely these days. You should call the doctor and ask the reason for your change in behavior.
Abhi peeked out of the locker room to make sure Pragya wasn’t there. But she already slept.
Abhi came out of the changing room very carefully without making any noise or even footsteps. She lay down on the edge of the bed and with these thoughts in mind she also slept.

Pragya- Suniye… !! Do I look beautiful in this dress !!?!
Abhi- you look beautiful

I hope you enjoyed this epi. Hope you liked Pragya’s change in behavior

Update Credit to: Sajid

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