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Cancer Protection Through | Vegetables And Fruits

Eating foods with colors on the plate also has its own flavor. How delicious the food is, if not served properly, the food will lose its appeal.
Skip, when cooking vegetables only for green or meat, pay attention to stir the pot to turn red.
Nutritionists and doctors believe that cooking salads can prevent many diseases.

Peas, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, beets, bell peppers, scallions, cilantro, mint and cabbage. Complete with all the nutrients covered, just a look.

If the vegetables are processed in steam and pieces of fruit are added, the whole portion is heated.

Effectiveness and beauty will be combined. This salad or lick will contain phytochemicals that have the additional properties of the hormonal system and antioxidants. They are not vitamins or minerals, but these plant-based compounds play anti-cancer roles. Do
Medical experts on cancer treatment around the world advise patients to combine these colorful vegetables and fruits (as an alternative treatment).
According to him, every healthy person should increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet by five or six servings and if they have cancer, they should eat 400 to 600 grams per day. Phytochemicals are not found in food stores, but they are found in semi-raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes.
Below we recommend filling your plate with healthy, colorful foods.

Add these colored vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, green peppers, and green onions to your diet. Glucosinolate is an important ingredient in this color, helping to boost or fight cancer-causing chemical factors.
White and emerald colors
Garlic, onions and other white vegetables are very helpful in fighting heart, immune system and cancer.

Yellow vegetables Yellow vegetables
Foods that are bright yellow or slightly yellowish, such as corn kernels, saffron seeds, saffron, turmeric, butter, rosemary
Zeaxanthin is present to help protect the muscles and cells of the eye from damage and enhance vision as well as fight cancer.

Oranges or vegetables and fruits
These foods are high in flavonoids, which are great for our nervous system, immune health and eyes, and are also helpful for preventing heart disease and cancer. Carrots, apricots, peaches, papaya, and melons are the best sources.
All citrus fruits, carrots, potatoes, and sugar contain beta carotene in addition to vitamin C.
They (fruits and vegetables) prevent cancer from spreading.
Red fruits and vegetables
Everyone knows this food color, most apples are red, almost every household uses tomatoes, watermelon, red pepper … which are also popular dishes. Specific ingredients Lycopene prevents cancer.

Purple and copper vegetables and fruits
Blueberries, potatoes, eggplants, among other vitamins, are very active antioxidants that help inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
Special sources of phytochemicals like whole grains, beans, soybeans, colorful nuts, and colorful salads can be a guarantee of health.
Adding color to your diet is not a difficult art.
Once a week, add yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast with bananas, grapes, and dried juices.
Try home-made fruit and vegetable juices. Add mint or rosemary to carrot, malt, apple, and lemon juice for added nutrition. The taste will look unique.
The benefits and nutritional value of colorful salads go far beyond the above two, so why not order a salad with boiled rice or French fries.

Squash peeled squash, grated water, peeled squash, peeled and squeezed water.
There will be no complaints of anemia and there will be energy.
If you never enjoy eating fruit, make it smooth. Whether you add your favorite fruit with milk or yogurt for flavor, you’ll get energized with joy.

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