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Anupama September 8, 2020 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Enjoys Anupama

The episode begins with Anupama hugging Rakhi and saying that I am going to rent a car and leave. Rakhi sees Vanraj and Kavya arrive. She says you are traveling by car and Vanraj is driving around in her car with her colleague. Vanraj and Kavya see them. Kavya says we shouldn’t have come for lunch. Vanraj says I didn’t know Anupama was going to meet Rakhi here, I’ll take care of it. Vanraj meets Rakhi and says I had a meeting with a client here. She jokes that she would have thought he had come on a date with his colleague. She leave. Vanraj asks what she said. Anupama said what we did not think, congratulations, she agreed, we also fixed the commitment. Vanraj says I can’t believe it, you made it Anupama. He is holding his hands. Kavya looks at them. She said congratulations, your son’s marriage has been arranged. Vanraj leaves Anupama’s hands. Anupama says we will tell everyone at home, should I wait until your meeting is over, we will come home tomorrow and give Paritosh the news, he will be happy.

Vanraj thinks I want to see the happiness on Paritosh’s face right away, but I can’t hurt Kavya. Kavya asks her to leave, she can manage the meeting with the client again. Anupama says we will go, I don’t know how Paritosh is. Vanraj asks if you are sure. Kavya nods. Man says your car tire is punctured, we are changing it, it will take time. Vanraj says we’re going for coffee. Anupama says we will have candy for Kavya.

Kinjal thanks Rakhi and hugs her. Rakhi says I did this for your happiness. Kinjal says I will inform Paritosh. She understands Anupama’s message. She says Anupama wants to share the good news with Paritosh. Rakhi says thinking about marriage later, I mean thinking about engagement. Pramod watches. Anupama said that I told Rakhi a lot and Rakhi agreed. Vanraj smiles and asks in what condition she kept this time. Anupama said nothing. He says she might have something on her mind, it’s hard to trust her. She said no, she accepted Kinjal’s happiness, I sent a message to Kinjal not to inform Paritosh, I want Vanraj to give Paritosh the news.

Kavya asks Vanraj to eat. Anupama says Vanraj and Paritosh are allergic to lotus cucumber. Anupama and Vanraj recount an incident when Paritosh fell ill. Vanraj says I bought a car so my wife and kids wouldn’t get soaked in the rain. Anupama says he said he would do anything for the family. Vanraj sends messages to Kavya. Kavya does not verify it. She says I should go to the office. Anupama asks him to come home with them. Vanrah says she’s right. The manager says your car is ready. They leave. Kavya gets angry with them. Anupama is seated next to him in the front seat. Kavya gets angry. Vanraj signs it. She takes the back seat. Samar comes to help Nandini. They have a moment. He lets her down when she argues. She screams. She says I haven’t broken down for 25 years. He says that means you’re 3 years older to me, I’m surprised. He’s fixing the fuse. She smiles. Anupama asks: are we going to the temple tonight. Vanraj agrees. Anupama says that when he came to see me for the wedding, I had a mannat that he accepts, we got married. The seat belt opens. Vanraj says wait, I’ll fix it.

Kavya becomes jealous and remembers Anirudh’s words. He corrects it. She thinks Anirudh was right, Vanraj loves me, but Anupama will always be his wife, I can’t let this happen, I want a front seat in her car and life, sorry Anupama, I can’t share it with you. Vanraj sees her angry. Paritosh is waiting for Anupama. Samar receives a message. Nandini comes home and returns the tools to Samar. She gives him money. She asks Baa how is she. Samar says I need help. It shows the message. Paritosh says mom didn’t come. Baa calls him. He runs to see Anupama. He sees Samar and Nandini dressed as a husband and a bride. He asks what it is. Samar says it’s your future. Everyone sings it and surprises it. Banda for ready hai… .. play…. Samar and Nandini wear the mask of Paritosh and Kinjal and exchange garlands. Everyone dances. Paritosh is confused. He’s screaming enough, what’s this joke, I’m in tension. He sees Anupama, Vanraj and Kavya at the door.

Anupama asks Vanraj to say. Vanraj says Paritosh, your alliance has been mended. Paritosh is happy. Everyone is smiling. Samar said we were doing this to congratulate you, mom had texted me. Pakhi says congratulations. Anupama says I told you, I will have your happiness. Mama ji says she did, Vanraj gave her 24 hours. Samar says she made this possible. Vanraj says Anupama, you did it. Anupama smiles. Kavya watches.

Anupama dances with the family. Sajan said felt… .. play…. Anirudh meets Vanraj and Anupama. He says my wife and your husband have had an affair for many years. Anupama is shocked.

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