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Anupama September 18, 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama Supports Kavya

The episode begins with Vanraj asking Kavya to stay with them. Anupama asks Pakhi to take Kavya, she will get haldi milk. Bapu ji says she is in trouble. Anupama says that if Anirudh comes here, then Vanraj will take care of it. Pakhi takes Kavya to his room. Kavya sees Vanraj’s family photo. Anupama says I will give him haldi milk. Baa said Anupama, where are your feet, you think Kavya is helpless, you remember her husband created a scene, why did she come here, who will respond if something is wrong, a person screaming , no grown-up has had true happiness, just help a little. Vanraj says calm down Baa, we’ll talk in the morning.

Baa says you’re awesome too. Bapu ji says I’ll take care of it. Vanraj signs Anupama and leaves. He says I will not leave Anirudh. He calls Anirudh. He cannot connect. He says Kavya shouldn’t have come here, but where would she go, if Anirudh does a drama… Anupama takes care of Kavya. She asks for less pain, I am uneducated, but I know the pain of a family breaking up, go to sleep now, you will stay here from now on. Kavya says I have never felt this safe anywhere, it’s just because of you, thank you. Vanraj watches and leaves.

His morning, Anupama gives tea to Baa. Baa asks if Kavya woke up. She says I will send Kavya. Bapu ji says she is upset. Baa says Paritosh engagement is happening, what will we say to the guests, we will be insulted. Anupama says Vanraj will take care of it, he went into the room to talk to him. Baa asks why, can’t they speak here. Baa explains it. She says they’re not Kinjal and Paritosh, you should be with Vanraj. Bapu ji asks him to stop him. Vanraj comes to Kavya. She hugs him. He asks you if you are okay. Kavya says I’m feeling better, Anupama asked for haldi, Anirudh and I filed for divorce, and then we got into a fight. He says: take him to the police, how dare he… She says no, he didn’t beat me. He asks what. She actually says…. She remembers being hurt. She says I was afraid to see her assault and that I came here for you. Anupama comes to give tea.

Vanraj says I think you should take strong action against him. Kavya says I can’t do this to Anirudh, his life and career will be ruined, I’m not his enemy, I just want to stay away from him, if he talks to the police about us. He says he has no proof. She says our chat history will prove it, forget it, I need you now. She hugs him. He said Kavya, anyone can come, I’ve been here for a while, let’s go. Anupama comes and does not see them hugging. Vanraj pushes Kavya away. Anupama says I just gave tea. Vanraj asks him to come. Kavya says it’s okay. Vanraj says that Kavya doesn’t want to involve the police, so be it. Anupama says as you wish, are you going to office today. Vanraj says I have to go manage my job. Kavya says I will come too. Anupama says: rest, take some time for yourself. Kavya says you work all day. Anupama says housework is easy, you have to use the mind in the office, let’s go today. Vanraj says Anupama is right, have a rest. Kavya nods.

Anupama says I did everything about Kavya’s choice today. Mama ji says I’m horny, I’m getting engaged. Bapu ji says his commitment to Paritosh. Baa says you have to make a shagun envelope today. Anupama says yes, Kavya and I will get there. Everybody is happy. Anupama said Kavya, your phone was fine, I had kept it in the rice box to dry it. Kavya says you are an engineer. Anupama hands over his phone. Kavya sees Anirudh’s call. She disconnects. Baa says if you don’t respond then he will come here, keep your problems out of this house. Kavya asks him not to worry. Anupama signs Samar. He’s going to call Nandini. He sees her dancing. Ore piya… play… He smiles when he sees her. She collides with him. They argue. He says I wanna talk about Kavya, come home, I’ll tell you everything. Vanraj says I’ll go. Anupama and Kavya say goodbye…. Vanraj sees them. Kavya says sorry. Anupama says why, we say goodbye when someone leaves the house. Vanraj smiles and thinks it’s a big deal that his wife and GF are living in the same house.

Samar says I’ll send dad pictures, he’ll decide your clothes. Kavya kisses Vanraj. Anirudh clicks on their photo. They are shocked.

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