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Anupama September 14, 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama Finds A Solution

The episode begins with Paritosh thanking Vanraj and asking for a hug. Vanraj says congratulations and hugs him. He kisses Bapu ji and Mama ji as well. Baa is happy. She asks Paritosh about Kinjal. Paritosh leaves. Bapu ji says I want a designer kurta for my grandson’s engagement. Anupama receives snacks. Mama ji says get me some designer pajamas, that’s all. Baa says I’ll go to the beauty salon. Vanraj says Anu, let Jhilmil do the food, we’ll make the engagement list. Anupama smiles. He asks about the ring. Baa says the ring should be beautiful, but not expensive. Anupama says I also want to talk about the ring. Baa says what to say, the bell must be loud. She shows a drawing. Vanraj says it’s good. Baa says Paritosh chose the girl, the ring should be my choice. Anupama says it’s fine, but Rakhi said Kinjal loved a ring, shall we buy it. Vanraj said of course, no problem. Baa says very well. Anupama says it’s a diamond ring. Baa asks for the cost. Anupama says 5 lakhs. They are shocked. Pramod asks you what you are doing. Rakhi says I’m rescheduling the meetings. He asks what you’re doing with Paritosh’s family. She asks what, I do whatever they want. He says that I’m your husband and that I know you well, you still kept some conditions, you broke up the relationship last time too. She says I’m not doing anything, trust me, relax. She thinks I’m not doing anything, I’m going to make Anupama do it.

Baa starts to cry. She says Rakhi did this, we shouldn’t trust her. Anupama says Kinjal is there, speaks slowly, she can hear him. Bapu ji said calm down, we will talk, Rakhi told us, we will decide. Baa says we donate gold because it is auspicious and has resale value, diamonds are useless, we don’t get money when we sell it. Anupama says we will agree with them, as they agreed, maybe Kinjal really likes him. Baa argues with her. Vanraj says Baa is right, it’s not about the money, I won for the children, not for Rakhi’s ego, I won’t listen to Rakhi, the question ends. Baa says there should be no fighting for the ring. Paritosh looks on and leaves. Anupama looks at him. Baa explains why Rakhi cannot buy it for Kinjal. Anupama takes coffee for Paritosh. She asks him not to stay sad. He says I don’t fight with anyone, leave me alone. She says I can’t do it.

He says I am not able to get a ring for Kinjal, she values ​​love, not money, but a girl cherishes the engagement ring for life, I will win and do anything for Samar’s wedding, but there is no one for me, an older brother just gets homework. She says no. He says I’m not asking you to get the ring for Kinjal, I don’t want dad to be overwhelmed, I also wish I could get a scholarship for my marriage, I want to do a lot, but I feel helpless. She remembers his words and his concerns. She says I won’t let anything bad happen. Her morning, Dolly comes home. Anupama and Baa ask him to come and help them do their shopping. They are promoting an oil brand. Dolly shows off her new jewelry. She says I traded in the old jewelry. Baa says it’s good. Anupama has an idea and leaves. Baa ask did you ask your Saas. Dolly said no, I just traded in the old big earrings, she said I can do anything with my jewelry. Baa said but you should have asked her, if Anupama had done that, I wouldn’t have spared her. She asks if I will go to my Maayka and give her an invitation. Baa said yes, take some candy for them, tell your brother to do the Rasam. Vanraj says not to pressurize Bhavesh, we will add more money if we find less in the envelope.

Anupama smiles. She says I’ll come in an hour. Vanraj says we will go together, I visited them many years ago. Anupama asks my Maayka. He says yes. She really asks. He smiles. Bapu ji says great, come and go, there is a lot of happiness in Sasural. Vanraj says I will be going to the office late, we will go together to invite our son for an engagement, Kavya will lead the office meetings. Kavya comes and looks. She thinks no, I want your support, I will get it. She greets them. She says sorry, there’s a wrestler reunion, we have to be together for this. He says sorry Kavya, it’s not possible today, Anu and I are going together today. Anupama smiles. Kavya says alright, go ahead if you want that. Anupama is getting ready. Samar calls her Anu and sings. He acts like Vanraj. She asks him to stop her. Vanraj comes and asks him to come. Samar fled. Vanraj laughs and says mean… He compliments her. She becomes shy. He says you’re prettier when you’re shy, come on. He leaves. She dances happily. Anupama…. Play…

Anupama says that a daughter got this jewelry, it will work for a mother now. She sells gold and buys a diamond ring. Rakhi says she got the ring against the family wish, now it will become a solution for me.

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