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Anupama September 1, 2020 Episode Written Update: Paritosh Disappears

The episode begins with Anupama apologizing to Kavya. She says that some people take advantage of trust, Vanraj also meant this, not all friends are like you, Dolly always jokes that Vanraj looks so handsome that all the girls in the office would see him, I tell her that Kavya will inform me , I completely trust you’re okay Kavya says yes. Samar comes and says that Paritosh is fine, that he is with Kinjal. She asks Kavya to explain Anupama, not to stress. Paritosh and Kinjal argue. She asks him to talk to Anupama. She says I trust her, don’t talk about her like this, I can’t go against Rakhi. She asks you scared. She says yes, if you have a problem, let’s break up. He says don’t say it again, I really love you, I mean it, I’ll end my life if I lose you.

Kinjal says to do something soon. She leaves. She asks you to listen. Anupama says that children were easy to handle when they were little, they talk a lot and now I don’t understand. Kavya says I didn’t see a mother like you, you are the best, they are lucky to have a mother like you. Anupama asks him to sit down. She thanks him and goes to get water. Kavya sees Sanjay at the door. He gets angry. Get the call from Vanraj. She says I’ll go, I have an imp meeting. She goes. Meenu jokes with Kavya. She is going to meet Baa. Anupama asks Sanjay to be with Baa, he is very sad, Bapu ji is not here. Says okay, Dolly told me about Paritosh and Vanraj fight, everything will be fine, don’t worry. She says I’m scared, how am I going to explain my heart?

Kavya arrives at the office. Vanraj says sorry I left home early. She cries. Ask what happened, sit down. She asks what we are doing and why. Ask if Anupama said anything. She says no, trust me, Sanjay is so orderly, they are good people, we are hurting them. She says that I cannot break her trust, I feel guilty, I did not know that the burden of this relationship would rise, Anupama considers me her friend and trusts me, we cannot do this to Anupama.

Sanjay says that Kavya visits him frequently. Anupama says he works with Vanraj. He says you always keep calm, aren’t you jealous? She says that when there is love and trust, there is no room for jealousy. She says that trust alone is not enough, that there must be love, complaints and doubts as well. Kavya says she’s not making fun of me, her confidence is hurting me, we have to end this. Vanraj says that we love each other, our relationship will not be broken for anyone, if you do not love me, we will end it, Anupama is my wife, but I do not love her, I love you, I cannot I think about having a husband and wife relationship with her, since Pakhi’s birth, I can only give her protection, you are mine, she is being selfish so bad, I feel alive when I am with you, I love you Kavya, I know it is wrong to break someone’s trust, Anupama should thank you, she was the choice from my dad, she is good, but misfit for me, I feel suffocated with her, I am happy with you, tell me, can you live without me.

She says no, I love you. They hug. She says don’t ever say this again. Anupama waits for Paritosh. Baa says you are trying, but not much, there is time, save your home. Anupama says children don’t trust parents and they say I hate you mom. Samar comes in and says that Paritosh didn’t go to training class today. Get the call from Kinjal. Kinjal says that I have no idea about Paritosh, that he is not with his friends. Anupama says that he was with you. Kinjal says yes, we had an argument. Baa says he was already worried. Kinjal asks for forgiveness. Anupama says to call us if you know anything. Anupama asks Mama ji to call Vanraj. Baa is worried. Anupama cries and tells Paritosh to come back. Samar calls Vanraj and asks him to come home, Paritosh is not there. Vanraj asks what, I will come. Says sorry Kavya, I have to go, Paritosh did not come home. Kinjal sends messages to Paritosh and cries. Vanraj says I don’t know if Paritosh made it home or not. Samar and Sanjay do not find Paritosh and return home. Anupama worries.

Anupama sees Paritosh drunk. Paritosh says you are my enemy, it was better if I was an orphan. Anupama slaps him.

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