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Anupama Sep 17, 2020 Written Episode Update: Kavya Comes Home

The episode begins with Baa taking all of the jewelry. She asks for a necklace. Anupama says you gave it to Dolly last time. Baa says all these jewelry will be kept here, keep wearing the bracelets and rings, I’ll keep an eye on them. Anupama asks him to keep Kinjal’s ring and money as well. Baa asks if you bribe me with the money. Anupama says no, you are like my mother, I want you to keep her. Baa scolds her and leaves. Anupama is leaving. Bapu ji feels bad for her. He climbs on a stool. Baa asks what you find. Bapu ji says I want to find our wedding album, I want the jewelry given by my mom. Baa is worried. She asks you what you will do with it. He says i will do anything just give it back to me what happened i know you sold the jewelry and got new you changed the role now how can Anupama cheat, you sold it for your happiness, Anupama did it for the happiness of his son.

Nandini asks that everything is fine at home, it is your family affair, I just want to know if she is well? Samar said no you were right when I see mum I feel marriage is a big deal, she will forget her grief and keep everyone happy, thanks for asking. She said lol, a lot of liveliness. It tells you lol. She smiles.

Vanraj says I explained to you why I’m doing this drama. Kavya says you spend a lot of time with your wife. He says very well, I have neither the time nor the patience to discuss. Anirudh laughs and drinks. He’s joking about her. Vanraj’s ear hurts. Anupama comes and takes care of him. She says I did it for Paritosh and Kinjal, not for Rakhi. He says our guests will come too, I will not tolerate if something happens, my family matters to me, I am irritated by stupid work, why can’t women stay happy, my job is to earn money money and provide you. Anupama says sorry, I didn’t do anything thinking of you and I, I made a mistake, my intention was not to upset you or Baa, I will settle everything with commitment, now happiness will come to us. Kavya runs down the road in the dirty mud. Vanraj is sleeping. Anupama says sorry, you always forgive me, thank you, you are very kind.

Kavya knocks on the door. Vanraj wakes up. Anupama says who it will be. Everyone comes to see. Samar opens the door. Vanraj asks who it is. Everyone sees Kavya in a bad state. Kavya cries and runs to Vanraj. She hugs him. Vanraj is worried. Kavya says I left Anirudh’s house, I will never go there, I will stay here with you in your house. Everyone is shocked. Baa says enough. Vanraj pushes Kavya away. He asks Anupama to console her. Anupama asks what happened, how were you injured. Kavya says I’m sorry, I should have gone to Nandini’s. Baa says it’s okay, I’ll drop you off at Nandini’s.

Anupama says you came where you should have come, tell me. Nandini says let me go, I’ll talk later, leave me, I’m sorry. She’s crying. Anupama says I told you, this house is also yours, you will not go anywhere, you will stay here in this house. She gives him water. She asks what happened. Kavya says we had an argument for the divorce, I’m a strong girl and I can win the divorce, he was drunk and misbehaved, I stood up for myself and got hurt, I got scared and I ran away. Anupama says we are all with you here. Vanraj watches. Kavya says I know, so I came here. Anupama says that Nandini is left alone, Anirudh can come there, he cannot dare to come here. Baa makes fun of Kavya. Pakhi says that Kavya is crying, you can talk later. Kavya says yes I can’t stay here you have an engagement ceremony in the house. Anupama asks Vanraj to tell Kavya. Baa nods to Vanraj.

Kavya kisses Vanraj. Baa alerts Anupama. Vanraj says: let’s get Kavya out. Anupama enters the room. Vanraj is worried.

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