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Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 5

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Scene 1
Location: Ahmedabad
The scene begins with Naina and Anand looking at each other.
Naina (in a fearful tone): Chachaji …
Anand slaps her.
Anand: I have always been proud of you Naina and I will also select you before preeti and pooja. When Bhabhiji was talking about your marriage, I spoke on your behalf. But you cheated on me.
Naina: Chachaji, please listen to me once.
Rakesh: Who is that boy?
Naina and Anand are surprised to see Rakesh there.
Rakesh: Come on Naina, tell us who he is.
Naina: Sameer.
Anand and Rakesh are shocked.
Rakesh: He’s a useless guy. How can you be so stupid Naina? You are a smart girl. But what happened to that here? I don’t care about caste. But I worry about my daughter. I can’t hand you over to such a useless guy.
Naina: But dad, Sameer is a good boy. He has a gem of a heart. Look at him, he fell in love with me when he had so many proposals from rich and modern girls.
Anand: Naina, don’t stoop because you don’t have money. Rich and poor depend on people’s hearts and not on paper. I know Sameer is a good boy. But, as Bhai said, he is not even studying properly. How can he survive in this world with you?
Naina: Chachaji, give him a try, he will prove himself. He promised me that he would pass all his exams. He will also take over his grandfather’s company. He will be the boss. Dad and chachaji, I did not fall in love with him by seeing his status or his money. I fell in love with him because of his pure heart.
Bela: Ha, I have confidence in my upbringing. He had never taught girls to go after a boy who saw his money. If Naina has selected someone, it must definitely be good. And also, it had helped me in the past in the market.
Preeti also supports Naina.
Preeti: Tauji and Papa, Sameer loves Naina very much. Please give it a try.
Naina begs …
Anand: Ok Naina, we’ll give Sameer a chance. It has 6 months of time. Within this period, you must pass your exams and must join your ancestral company. We will decide only after that.
Rakesh: Before that, we need to talk to him. Call him now.
Naina: Dad, he went to Rajkot for his sister’s wedding. His phone was about to go off. So only he called me.
Rakesh: Naina, from now on I will not encourage you to stand on the balcony and speak at midnight. If anyone sees, it will be a big problem.
Bela: Ha Naina, if your taiji sees, it will make a great scene. Even now, I came here seeing the light shining on the balcony. If you see all of us, you will definitely be suspicious. We should keep this from them.
Rakesh and Anand agree.
Naina: Thank you dad, chachaji and chachiji for supporting me.
Anand and Rakesh caress her and leave.
Bela: But I’m mad at you Naina. I had the false belief that my girls would not hide anything from me. But they both hid this big problem.
Naina: Sorry chachiji.
Bela hugs her and preeti.
Bela: Now go to sleep.
The girls are leaving.
Bela: Rama Bhabhi, I know you are watching this from heaven. Please bless Naina to marry Sameer and be happy.
She prays and enters.
Naina: Preeti, I didn’t expect this gesture from dad and chachaji.
Preeti: Even me too. I thought some high voltage scene and drama would happen. But it was solved without problems. I am happy for you my sweet sister. Tell this to Sameer tomorrow. You will feel happy. We will also tell our friends.
Naina nods.
Preeti and Naina hug and sleep.
Scene 2
Location: Rajkot
Sameer and his family arrive at Mishti’s house.
Mishti is doing Rangoli.
She is in deep thoughts of Abir.
Sameer comes and scares her.
She is glad to see the family. Everyone comes and exchanges greetings.
Sameer: ​​My Kuhu didi is getting married. We will have a lot of fun and masti.
Kuhu: Ha, definitely.
Sameer: ​​When will Mishti di get married?
Kuhu: She even gave her heart to someone.
Mishti pinches her.
Sameer: ​​Really ???
Mishti: You go in first. Let’s go in.
The family is leaving.
Sameer, Mishti and Kuhu have a great time together.
Mishti: How did you do your exams?
Sameer: ​​Pretty good. I have one important thing to tell you.
Kuhu: What?
Sameer tells them about Naina.
Mishti and Kuhu get excited.
Mishti: So our little brother has become a grown hero.
Kuhu: Show us your photo.
Sameer notices that his phone’s battery is very low and is about to shut down.
Mishti: Oh no. Here’s the Sameer charger. Put on soon or the reboot will take time. We are excited.
Sameer puts the charger on and sees so many missed calls from Naina and is shocked. He cares.
Mishti: Nothing would have happened. Call her and talk. We will see it later.
Mishti and Kuhu go.

Scene 3
Abir and Neil sit talking in Neil’s room.
Abir: So tell me. You love Mini, right?
Neil: I am confused about that. I definitely have feelings for her, but I’m afraid that my past will hurt her.
Abir: Neil, you should go ahead. Isha is leading a good life with someone.
Neil: How did you know?
Abir: Last month I went to Delhi to work. I saw her there with a boy.
Neil: What about Kia? I know Isha doesn’t spend time with her. I feel like she is left out.
Abir: You better divorce her as soon as possible. Because I saw her with a boy and a child. But that’s not Kia.
Neil: What? Boy? I am ashamed of her. Are you married to someone without divorce or living together?
Abir: Don’t worry about it. Finalize the divorce first and try to get custody of Kia. Better tell Mini everything.
Mini gets there.
Mini: What do you need to tell me?
Abir and Neil are shocked.
Neil: Nothing Mini Ma’am. Do you have any work with me?
Mini: Yes, I came to give the menu. You start your work. I have one important thing. It should come out now.
Preet and Bobby are coming.
Preet: Mini, are you sure? Do you want to go there?
Bobby: Ha Mini, don’t go. At least inform Babita’s aunt.
Mini: She will forbid me to go there. I should go there and finish this matter right now. I don’t want that to hang in my life.
Neil: Where are you going?
Mini: To complete the incomplete story.
Mini gets angry.
Neil: Preet, where is she going so mad?
Preet: To meet your dad.
Neil is surprised.
Scene 4
Neil goes to Ashok’s house.
She sees the nameplate as Ashok Khurrana and Mita Khurrana and gets excited. But the house was small.
With a heavy heart, she rings the bell.
Mita opens the door and is surprised to see Mini.
Mita: Mini comes in.
Mini sees Ashok playing with a child.
Mita: It’s Vihan, our first child.
Mini sees Mita’s stomach and realizes that she is pregnant again.
Mini is thrilled to see Ashok with Vihan, as she had never received Ashok’s love and care during her childhood.
Ashok turns and sees Mini.
Ashok is happy.
Ashok: Mini, you finally made it here. I am happy.
Mini: I came here to end all ties with you. I came here to tell you to stop sending letters, emails and calling me. Babes don’t know that I came here to meet you.
Ashok: But you are my daughter.
Mini: Did you fulfill your duties as a dad? When I need you most, you were with a lady in London.
Ashok: Mini, speak with respect. Address Mita as a choti ma and not as a lady.
Mini: I didn’t come here to celebrate relationships. I came here to warn you. If you try to contact me again, I will definitely take the next step in filing a complaint with the police.
Ashok: Oh stop. Until when are you going to be like this? Even Babita is married now and has a son
Mini: She is different from you. Don’t compare yourself to her.
Mita tries to calm her down. Mini scolds her for breaking up with her family.
At that moment Mita’s parents arrive.
Mita’s Dad: Enough of this. Mita, being adamant that you married this man. You lost your job now and you are living a low cost life without any bank balance. Look at yourself. Society makes fun of you. This Ashok tricked you. Look Mini, my daughter is not so bad at spoiling someone’s life. Your father is the one who approached Mita first. He even hid about his married life. If Mita had already known, then she wouldn’t have done anything. After knowing it, she was about to break up. But then she found herself pregnant. So only she married him.
Mini: I’m not here to hear all your stories. From now on I want you to stop everything, Mr. Ashok Khurrana.
She leaves angry.
Mita’s Mom: He’s very arrogant.
Mita: Don’t say anything bad about her. No girl will be as strong as her.
Mita looks at Ashok angrily and leaves. Vihan looks at this puzzled
Mini remembers vihan. Think of her and Babita’s talk during her school days.
Mini: Girls, you know what? Today my friend’s mother gave birth to a boy. Now she has a little brother. I even want one.
Babita feels shy.
Mini laughs seeing that.
Now cry thinking about that.
Mini: I have a brother, but at least I couldn’t hug him.
Then think of Arya.
Mini: My chutanki is more of a boy. She is my sister and that’s it. I don’t need anyone in my life.
She goes stern.
!!!To be continue!!!
(Author’s note)
Sorry guys for not having a lot of romantic scenes and couple scenes. I always attach importance to the plot. So please bear with me. You will definitely have a high-voltage romantic track in the next few episodes. Thank you!!!
Leave your comments on the Ashok-Mita track. When Patiala Babes abruptly ended, many knots were untied. So, I just wanted to tie all the knots and be done with it. You can comment on it and also on the story. Also share your answer on how future episodes can go. The next episode is Tuesday).
Stay tuned!!! Stay safe!!! Stay awesome !!!

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