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1st Epi – Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 14, 2019 Written Episode Update: Aman and Roshni’s First Meeting

The episode begins with a few guys driving a car and listening to music. One of them stops the music and asks how can you be so insensitive, we are afraid of Jinn. His friend says I’m confused, geniuses helped your dad. The guy says yes, my dad accepted his help, Jinn really exists. Your friend jokes. The guy says that when Jinn asks for something, we have to give it to him, otherwise Jinn comes to take the price. The guy sees something ahead and stops the car. The car turns and then stops. Come come a giant figure of Jinn. They try to escape. They see the car closed. They knock on doors and windows. The black Jinn leans over to see them. They are surprised to see his black face up close. Jinn puts his hand on the car and smashes it. The boys scream. Jinn throws the car into the river.

Voiceover: Geniuses and fairies really do exist in the world.

Aman is seen preparing. A magic figure helps him get ready and makes breakfast for him. Dadi calls Aman. They all fall. Aman turns to Dadi. An eagle flies. Dadi asks him to speak slowly, if anyone knows about the wild animal…. He says he’s my pet eagle. Joke around with Dadi. She says you are getting married, you will wear elegant clothes, you should look different. She says I’m different from everyone, so I’ll look different. Remember the Jinn. He asks why I am like this. She asks what, you’re so handsome, come with me. She asks her to tell her why she is different, why she has these powers, like any Jinn. She asks him not to say this again. She says I have no answers.

Voiceover: Dadi knows Aman is influenced by Jinn, Dadi won’t tell Aman this, some fairy-like humans are there too. Aman and Roshni are polar opposites. Roshni’s heart is like that of an angel.

She introduces herself to Roshni. She feeds the bird. She smiles and plays with the birds. Aman asks where Mom is. Dadi says it would be close. He says no, he misses dad. Dadi asks you not to bring up this topic. Says sorry Dadi. His mom Parveen comes and hugs him. She asks him not to worry. Aman goes. Dadi says he was asking why is he so different, how will I tell him, his dad is the reason for all his problems. Aman’s dad is seen. Dadi says if Jinn helps, ask again. Parveen says we can’t tell her that her father did it, he ruined many lives. She remembers the plane crash. Dadi cries and says her greatest crime, when she left that innocent girl in the river. Roshni sees the bracelet and says that I did not lose the sign of my childhood. You ask your mother about your childhood, did you understand this? Her mom says yes, I have you and four birds were guarding you, you cannot tolerate my happiness, you had to perform at the MLA party. Roshni says that everything will be fine once he opens a bakery. Your mother says that the truth is that you are the daughter of a Tawaif, I did not ask you to do Mujra. Roshni jokes. She says I’m going to say prayers, I want answers about my mom and dad, my past, I feel like I’ll get my answers today.

Roshni goes. Her mother asks her to drive well and not to scratch her car. Roshni drives the car. Aman parks her car and gets out. A genie follows Aman. Roshni leans over to take the bottle of water. Aman is about to step on Jinn’s shadow. Roshni hits her car. Aman stops and sees her. He comes back. Roshni imagines her mother selling the bracelet. Roshni stands between Aman and Jinn’s shadow. She steps on the shadow and disappears. She asks if this is your car. Aman says yes.

Roshni scolds her for her one mistake. Says my car was parked. She argues with him. She asks if he wants compensation. He asks if he has cash. She says they are 5 kg candy. Says I don’t want this, you’re a spoiled brat. He asks her not to mention her father’s name. She says why, parents always spoil their children, you will go cry with your dad and complain about the broken down car. She goes and says my car flies, not just runs. Aman touches her car. The car flies and falls in front of her. She is shocked. She cries. Aman comes to the Dargah to pray.

Roshni also arrives crying. He turns and sees her. She looks at him. The clock strikes 12. Everyone is surprised. The clock stops. Parveen says you were right, Jinn returns to regain his favor, this is the first sign of his arrival. Dadi says he has three signs of arrival. The wind blows in the Dargah. Jinn is coming. The place begins to crumble. Aman and Roshni are surprised. People start running. Roshni sees a crying child. She runs to save him. Dadi, Parveen, and Auntie rush to check the door for the second sign. They see the ice water in the pool. Parveen says it’s the second sign. Roshni takes the boy and runs.

Aman yells Baazigar…. and see the eagle coming. The eagle becomes a magic wand. She extends her hand and has a magic wand in her hand. Roshni comes out. He sees the building collapse. Aman chants the magic spell and stops the debris in midair. The lady is saved. Roshni is surprised. Roshni hurries and takes the lady away. Aman lowers his hand. Debris falls to the ground. Jinn looks. Jinn finds Aman.

Aman turns into a monster. Jinn appears at the house. Parveen is surprised.

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